When you first learned to drive a car, you were probably intimidated by this intimidating, powerful object under your control that, if you didn’t learn to handle it well, could inadvertently hurt or kill you or someone else. Sound familiar? People unfamiliar with guns are also afraid of guns because they are intimidating, powerful objects under your control that, if you don’t learn to handle it well, could inadvertently hurt or kill you or someone else.

Add that the gun control advocates use lies and misinformation to teach people to be afraid of guns. And some of those in fear probably would not be, if they took the time to think critically and educate themselves in the truth about firearms and law-abiding gun owners.

Once you learned to drive a car, cars seemed less dangerous to you, right? But even though you became comfortable driving cars, you still respect their power. Again, sound familiar? There are lots of first-time gun buyers out there because of the Democrats push to infringe on the Second Amendment who are becoming familiar with guns. And their fear is dissolving.

Before you object to this relationship, gun/car, what do you call it when you agree a person has a God-given right to self-defense, but you refuse to acknowledge a person’s right to access and possess the most practical means to defend oneself? It’s like telling someone they have the right to travel, but you make possessing a car illegal. People may figure out different (allowed) modes of transportation, but not the one mode that is the most effective—a privately owned vehicle.

Many people, similar to learning to drive, also become comfortable with firearms once they become familiar with them and especially once they’ve learned to shoot competently. This happened to a person, self-admittedly, very unlikely to ever become comfortable with guns. Epoch Times reporter Cara Ding caught up with Jessica Luckett at a gun range outside Chicago. Speaking of gun ranges, Luckett is a first-time gun owner who lives on the Windy City’s South Side.

Luckett said she “was long afraid of guns.” She’s been held at gunpoint during a robbery, and, in 2016, someone shot and killed her brother. The BLM and Antifa riots and defund/abolish the police movement have affected Chicago as much as any other city. Luckett said she never wanted to touch a gun. But she, “felt a growing need to protect herself.”

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About her fear of guns, Luckett said, “It’s a slow transition; you don’t get it over in one day. But it is something you can get over.” Now, not only does she no longer fear guns and has become a competent shooter, but also, she belongs to Women with Guns and Attitudes a recently formed local women’s gun club that has gone from three to 1,000 members since June 2020.

Coming from a place full of fear of firearms to where she is a competent shooter and supporter of her gun rights, Luckett has a message for lawmakers: “Don’t touch our guns. I’m a homeowner, and I have kids. I just want to make sure that I’m safe and able to defend myself against any harm.”

It’s amazing there are so many people who assume to themselves the authority to take the special God-given right of self-defense away from her. Or, as Joe Biden recently lied, “Nothing I’m about to recommend in any way impinges on the Second Amendment.” And now he wants to transform a fake “gun violence epidemic” into a fake “national gun violence health crisis emergency.”

Strangely, the very same people who want to fabricate a gun violence health crisis refuse to prosecute people who commit crimes with guns, under the ruse of fighting “racism,” in the most violent areas of certain Democrat-run cities. Instead of enforcing existing laws against real criminals, they are pushing for new laws against law-abiding people who are not committing crimes with guns. Where is the commonsense in this so-called commonsense gun legislation? Don’t strain your eyes looking for it.

This piece was written by Steve Pomper on April 13, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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