So we’ve seen the political fallout from the conviction of Derek Chauvin, and all of our suspicions have been confirmed. Today, we’ve been vindicated, and no longer are we tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists or racist bigoted misogynistic boot-licking Trump supporters. We are not violent insurrectionists, and the media can no longer say that we are. The violent insurrectionist thing is dead. Trump supporters being racist is dead. The coronavirus is dead. Unconstitutional mandates, restrictions, lockdowns, masking and the forced vaccination are all dead. The gig is up. The lies are exposed, and as it has been said over and over again, all lies will be revealed.

Don Lemon, encouraging all white people to read his book, labeling every white person as a racist, is in itself, on its face, the most racist and degrading, divisive and hateful, moronic and idiotic thing that imbecile could say. They’re shooting themselves in the foot. If you’re white, he just called you a racist, and told you the only thing that can save you is spending money, coming out of your pocket, taking the time to find where it’s available and actually convincing yourself it would be a good idea to read more of his lies, more of his blatant hypocrisy. To convince yourself that you’re a racist. To believe that white guilt is a legitimate way of reasoning, and to discard all of your morals, values and the way you were raised, by good parents. You were raised by good people, and that’s exactly why you’re not racist. I know you guys. I know who you are. I read your comments in Telegram, I see the feedback on YouTube. I listen to your voicemails when you call and leave messages and I see every single email in my inbox. I’m not untouchable. I don’t live in the same bubble that he does, or that any of these people do. I’m real. Right here in the real world with you, seeing all of these corrupted, bought-and-paid-for, deep state ideologs trying so hard to divide, trying so hard to manufacture headlines, trying so hard to stay relevant as they watch their audience size shrivel like their manhood. And, yes…for a man, manhood is a good thing. Demasculinization oneself to prove how manly you really are. That’s what Don Lemon and the radical leftist Marxists want you to believe is really the thing to do, because it drastically reduces the resistance they’ll see when it all comes down to brass tacks.

I don’t watch CNN, but the great editors at are out here every day scouring for the truth, and they’re finding it’s not too difficult to see through the false narratives anymore. Remember the moment you saw it all? The great awakening isn’t just a phrase I say, and it’s not just some imaginary moniker or catchy campaign slogan used by America First candidates or Conservative pundits. It’s real. That’s what I mean about vindication. Knowing that you’re not crazy is an awesome place to be.

Just think about it. We can sit and watch a meeting run by a communist witch called Linnea Archer, a former school teacher that sits on the park board in Rochester, Minnesota, calling for everyone to direct their attention to the American Flag, and recognize that to many, according to her America-hating Marxist ideology, is a symbol of hate. We can look at her and really just shake our heads, feel sorry for her, show her the door and laugh her out of the country. I mean, seriously, there are other places you can go and live. There are huge holes in the population of these communist-controlled third world countries, and they would love to have you fill the spots being vacated by everyone banging down the doors to come to the greatest republic the planet has ever seen. Go there. I know about 80 million people, or more, that will help you pack your bags, Linnea! But don’t you dare teach that crap to my kids, or you’ll have other problems on your hands. Don’t you dare take your rhetoric to the next level, and actually attempt to remove that beautiful flag from the police officer memorial in that city. Just leave. Seriously. Go.

Should Black Lives Matter Be Labeled As A Domestic Terrorist Organization?

We recognize Maxine Waters for what she is. We know who Keith Ellison is. The attorney general for the state of Minnesota actually boldly says he believes in and follows the ANTIFA handbook. He’s the de facto leader of ANTIFA in Minnesota, and he’s been elected as the top law enforcement official in the state. I mean, think about the advantageous position we are in. They’re on the run, and the light has been shined on these cockroaches that have been trying to sneak around your kitchen in the dark. They’re trying to eat your crumbs, one by one, before pretty soon the whole loaf of bread is gone and you need to call in the professionals to poison the army, but no we stopped that invasion. We’ve turned on the light, folks. They’ve scattered back under the fridge, and we know all we have to do is pull it out from the wall, and their slimy little faces will be exposed. There’s no place for them to run, and it’s over. Problem gone.

We know systemic racism is the new coronavirus. We know it’s not what they say it is, and they’re manufacturing lies. It used to be frustrating for me to try to find ways to expose them and try to articulate this, but I don’t need to work, at all, because they’re doing it for me. They’re doing it for us. I mean, seriously, LeBron James? He threatened a cop right out in the open on social media. A cop that saved the life of a 16 year old. Seriously, let me do my best to try to wrap my head around the tiny little undeveloped millionaire silver spoon entitled Lebron brain for a moment here. Let me try to live in his head for just a second. I don’t want to stay long, so I’m going to be in and out quick like a Biden presidency.  A Columbus cop shot and killed a would-be murderer, and you know how I know this is racist? Yes, she does have a blade right here…yes, she’s about to stick that 16-year-old like a pig and all, but they shot her right here, before she could even stab that girl. They didn’t even let her stab her first. They should have let her stab her right in the jugular right here…these damn racist cops. They’re out of control.

You see these people are nuts. We have to pay attention, because we need a good laugh. I mean, other than Verve Forever CBD which can be found at, one of the best ways to deal with stress and anxiety is to laugh, and people like Lebron are giving us all of the therapeutic assistance we need. Being angry is for them. I mean, yes, it makes me angry that Lebron James has a platform, and that there are actually people that wake up and look to this man to manipulate the way they’re going to approach life today, but those people are gone. They’re wasted space. They’re like the guy that drives down the road in his car, by himself, wearing a mask. That guy is Karen, and Karen cannot be helped. We have to write Karen off. She’s gone. There’s no help for someone like this. There’s no help for the weak-minded fan of Lebron James that actually takes a man seriously when he cries about oppression in a country where he’s paid unthinkable amounts of money to play a kids game. Someone that puts down the game system remote in their parent’s basement, steps over their dirty undies, trips over the old bowl of cheerios and digs through their stash of soup cans and gas masks in a desperate effort to grab mommy’s iphone, where they just got the Lebron tweet notification, and now they know how to go about their day. These people are out here actually taking up our oxygen.

I don’t ever want to see another cop guarding or protecting Lebron, but you know what, that will never happen. Because cops don’t think like that. Cops don’t pick and choose who they’re going to protect. They don’t get the chance to undo their decision when they’re determining what level of force is necessary to protect an innocent life like the 16 year old girl that would be buried later this week had a hero not been there to do what needed to be done. But common sense escapes teenage-level ways of thinking, it doesn’t register with the mentally-challenged or the incapable and malfunctioning neurological systems in the thick skulls resting on the shoulders of idiots like Lebron James. In times where we are do divided by rhetoric like the uneducated and violent disgusting words that seep out of the crevasse on the horrific face of people like Maxine Waters, you would think that someone with a platform revered by young and impressionable people could potentially be used to educate and unify. You would think that Lebron could try, just for one second, to sit back and recognize that when he takes a screenshot of a cop and puts their face in a tweet and says, “you’re next”, he’s risking the lives of every good-intended, brave, selfless police officer that runs toward bullets and danger to protect innocent people from heinous attacks like that one in Columbus, and they do it every day. They do it to protect all people, of all colors, religious beliefs and no matter where they politically align, but Lebron James is a lost soul. He won’t ever think like this, because he’s sheltered by the very protection he throws to the wolves in an unfathomable double standard, I don’t even know what kind of repeated abuse a person must be subjected to in their lifetime to reduce themselves to a thought process that’s so simple, so basic, so vile, so hateful, so hypocritical and so blatantly ignorant, but I pray that Lebron gets the help he needs. I pray that he finds God because Lebron needs Jesus in his life. ~Stew Peters, host of PC Radio.