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LEO Round Table: Should Women Be In Law Enforcement?


LEO Round Table – Law Enforcement Talk Show

01:30 [1] How should women be in law enforcement by 2030

13:43 [2] Department heads get the reviews they deserve

Topic 1 concerns the 30×30 initiative, which encourages police departments to increase the amount of women in the force by 30% by 2030. Also mentioned: Policing project.

Topic 2 concerns Portland (Oregon) Police officers leaving “scathing” exit interviews regarding their superiors.

Show Panelists and Personalities:

Chip DeBlock (Host and retired police Detective)

Ward Meythaler (Attorney and former Federal Prosecutor)

John Newman (retired police Chief)

Bret Bartlett (retired police Captain)

David D’Agresta (retired police Officer and sheriff’s Corporal)

Ronald McMullen (retired police Major)

Will Statzer (Producer)

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