Maxine Waters is using black people as her pawns. She’s really inciting violence. She’s actually calling for black people to get out and physically resist the police, and they’re doing it. Don’t you see the major psyop being used by these people? Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Maxine Waters don’t care about black lives, they care about personal enrichment, just like the filthy pedophiles in Hollywood and the nasty and endless swamp in DC. No, I’m not a fan of liberal democrats, I’m not cool with progressives looking for compliance through fear, and I’m a man of faith who loves our country and want a peaceful place to raise my kids. I typically align with Republican values, but these people are weak sell outs, and they’re doing nothing to stop the full assault on our Republic.

This is a carefully and methodically designed plan, a hostile takeover using chaos and anarchy, violence and criminal action against everyday citizens that work their asses off to live happy, normal, prosperous lives in the very communities Maxine Waters would like to see burn. Maxine Waters is attempting to help the rest of her party distract the country’s attention, steer it away from their criminal actions, away from the installation of a dictatorial regime, away from the killing of an unarmed woman in the Capitol building, away from the corrupt DOJ jailing Trump-supporting patriots, away from the George Gascon’s of the country, the Soros-funded DA’s across the country getting rid of gun and gang enhancements, dismissing charges and declining to prosecute cop killers, gang bangers and violent insurgents that are coming to your neighborhoods and destroying any hope you may have for your children to return to school, play outside, ride their bikes or be safe in the community where you live, where your kids lay their heads down at night, where you used to count on the police to protect you.

Maxine Waters and the radical left don’t want you to know what’s really going on in Minneapolis, and they’re succeeding. You have no idea what’s really going on when you see the police command staffs and chiefs appointed by socialist leftist extremists like Mayor Jacob Frey as they stand in front of cameras and talk about how proud they are to lead the police in a city where peaceful demonstrators are allowed to voice their opinions in a non-confrontational manner to support what they call justice. Where’s the justice in calling for a murder conviction of a cop when all of the physical evidence and medical examiner’s official autopsy reports suggest that George Floyd died after his heart exploded due to the lethal amounts of fentanyl and meth in his system? Where is the justice for the police you support as a 26-year veteran of the Brooklyn Center police department is charged with manslaughter by a weak Washington County prosecutor, or when your cities burn and your innocent relatives, friends, and loved ones are targeted by out-of-town professional rioters arriving by the busload to tear apart a city that they have no vested interest in, and after they’ve descended upon your neighborhood and stolen everything they can get their hands on, burned your neighborhood markets to the ground and incapacitated your system of law and order, they’ll move onto the next place they’re paid to be. They’ll get right back on those busses and head to the next democratically controlled city, take advantage of the communist figureheads they claim to have been fairly elected and continue the systematic annihilation of peace and unity.

This is the president that said he would unify the country. The guy that said only dictators rule by executive action. The plagiarist that sniffs young girls and sleeps the days away while those that hate America manipulate the geriatric failure to expand the high court, make states out of Puerto Rico and DC, ship dozens of radicalized terrorists to positions of power in our government and finish the installation of a police state in America.

Should Black Lives Matter Be Labeled As A Domestic Terrorist Organization?

There’s about a 99.98% chance of survival in an encounter with law enforcement if you’re not living the life of a criminal, selling or using street drugs, carrying guns and resisting arrest. So, where’s the vaccine for that? The lying troll, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the highest paid bureaucrat in the federal government wants you to subject yourself to the jab, because he has a financial stake in the game. The puppeteers that control Joe Biden want you to hurry up and get vaccinated, wear masks and live the rest of your life in fear running from the flu, because they need compliance. They need control. They can’t just come and take it, because there are over 300 million guns in the United States, and about 100 million Americans that embrace liberty, love freedom and live by a code of honor and values that won’t be pushed one more inch, or for one more minute.

The media is the enemy of the people, the enemy of law enforcement, the enemy of the Constitution and the biggest ally to the radical communists that want to install an authoritarian rule in the United States where everyone is subservient to the state. They’ve been caught lying time and time again, so why are you still talking about Donald Trump? Are we really going to have legitimate conversations about what can be done to stop this nonsense, or are we going to continue to sit idly by, allow weak phonies that claim to represent us do nothing in the face of tyranny and watch as the future for our kids is flushed down the proverbial toilet while we run from a virus, watch our police be attacked, watch our national guard troops get shot at in Minneapolis while soldiers guard the so-called president in an occupied DC surrounded by electrified razor wire and continue to pay the fully-funded capitol police while the departments in your city are defunded, dismantled and rendered completely useless and ineffective?

Today, the US Capitol Police Department is comprised of more than 2,300 officers and civilian employees, and has an annual budget of approximately $460 million. They patrol an area of about 2.5 square miles and serve a population that’s only 47% black. Meanwhile, the citizens of cities like Detroit are dealing with real violence in a department that has several hundred less cops, patrols 139 square miles, serves a population of 79.1% black residents and has a budget of over $100 million less. Do the math. Tell me these people care about black lives. Tell me you’re going to really have a conversation about our police, rather than those that wish to destroy the lives of impoverished black people as the direct result of intentionally failed legislation by democrat representatives using your kids to go and die at the hands of good cops as they’re sent on suicide missions for political gain.

They’re tearing apart your neighborhoods. They’re inciting violence and using your kids to do it. They’re getting away with murder.

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