We have questioned the push for the vaccination, and we have pointed out the tight restrictions on any speech around the deadly, dangerous, contagious, highly infectious and lethal world ending plague known as COVID-19. It’s a VERY sensitive topic, and NOBODY is allowed to speak on it, or question the mandates of the overreaching regime, local dictatorial mayors or state governors about their restrictions on gathering sizes, business closures or masking. Just put on your face diaper, pay your back-breaking increased taxes, line up for this injection, sit down and shut up!

It would seem that nobody is safe from the censorship and banning, and don’t you dare look to an expert for an opinion. Dr. Jane Ruby is an international health economist with 20 years of pharmaceutical research experience and she knows a thing or two. Dr. Ruby went to Facebook in an attempt to educate her followers when she pointed out that without suppression of curative treatments HCQ & Ivermectin for COVID, the FDA would not be able to grant emergency use authorization for untried untested injections. This is fact.

Facebook warned the medical expert that their feelings and political narratives are more important than the opinion of the doctor and gave her the ultimatum: take it down or be banned. Dr. Ruby refused to comply and be an obedient little good girl, so the tech giant followed through with their promise to silence her, and she’s now prohibited from publicly speaking out on that platform.

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