A common complaint amongst Americans is the loss of a generation of children to a cancel and anti-American culture. I would argue that is folklore. By and large, children are still hardwired for community and the first tribe they connect with is family. With that, if you want to save your kids and this nation, you start with YOUR tribe.

It’s not too late. It’s not too late to establish or re-establish your authority to care for their eyes and ears. To be the safest place on earth for them to bring their curiosity, failures, successes, fears and hopes. The American parent is the first line of offense to the never ending assaults on the psyche of a nation birthed in freedom.

As the weekend approaches, let this be a time of taking your territories back beginning with your families. Leave the phones behind and have very real conversations with your kids. Topics should be age appropriate, but include the reality of politics and what is happening in our nation as a direct result of a disinformation and globalism.

Our kids understand a lot more than we think they do. Tired of academia taking historical liberties that do not reflect an accurate depiction of the spirit and heart of our young nation? No time like the present to dedicate time to the cultivation of your children and our future.

No need to wait on a dead education system or zombie church to speak Truth and facts by which your kids can measure their own critical understanding of who and whose they are as Americans.

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Do not fear, GOD entrusted them to you. He made provision for your failures, He also expects a return on his investment. As we are taking our nation back, let’s start with our families.

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