Monica Matthews joined Stew Peters on PC Radio

Well as I briefly mentioned at the top of today’s show, I was put on a timeout, placed in detention, hauled to Twitter jail for a period of 12 hours as my account was blocked and I was banned for posting. There was no reason immediately given for the ban, but the communist platform did direct me to their rules and regulations, their community standards, specifically their policies regarding hate speech. After the twelve hour period, I was able to look at my wrongdoing, repent and delete the hateful and racist speech that I had sent into the TwitterSphere for all to see, and I realized quickly how insensitive and bigoted I was as I had been given the opportunity to think about my words and the chance to repent, apologize and delete them.

It turns out that it’s racist and hateful to point out truth and facts. The tweet that got me jailed was a story from, where the truth lives, pointing out that Patrisse Khan-Collors, the co-founder of the for-profit corporation Black Lives Matter had moved into a neighborhood near Malibu, where her neighbors are her sworn enemy. Over 85% of her new community is occupied by white people, and just over 1% black. Why is this hateful or racist? Maybe our good friend can help us with some logic.

Monica Matthews joined me today on PC Radio. She’s the host of the extremely popular “Life, Love and Liberty”, radio show, which can be found at, and you can follow Monica on Twitter.

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