Worse Than An Infidel- The American Church Led Us To Communism

The only place in the Bible (New Testament) the word infidel is used is in relation to the neglect of one’s own home.

In a time when Pastors have fled the battlefield and led many Americans to dry, stale manna along with closed doors and face diapers, the truth is we are NOT helpless. In a world full of surveillance mania, how many of us have taken the time to look over at our family members, our neighbors and ensure the safety, liberty and basic needs are met?

We are conditioned to believe the answers are in government, but the truth is, we are all arms and feet of God. The grassroots, in fact, can save the nation.

Bishop Benjamin Leon of VA4 issues a special announcement on The Monica Matthews Show today regarding VFAF (Virginians For Americans First).

MAGA Americans are coalescing to form their twelve in their respective communities. Virginia is calling America to rise up and serve each other to take over legislatures and the US Congress. With a longterm vision, listening to the Spirit of Wisdom will ensure we are victorious in taking back the power of the people.

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