SHOTS FIRED! With DeAnna Lorraine and Stew Peters

Yesterday on ‘Patriotically Correct’, Dr. Jane Ruby broke news on this platform, revealing the truth that the mainstream lying fake news media and the little troll Dr. Fauci, the highest paid federal employee in our country won’t tell you. They’re lying, intentionally. They’re hiding the truth about the negative side effects and implications of the so-called COVID vaccine, and they’re going to make your life a living hell if you resist the jab.

We already know that anyone that doesn’t immediately obey will be subject to a life-long lockdown, a sentence to solitary confinement, limited family gatherings and be forced to muzzle yourself with a mask for an eternity. With all of that being said, we turn now to a rare perspective of truth, something that’s hard or almost impossible to find anywhere nowadays as we welcome DeAnna Lorraine for Shots fired.

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