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On that particular day, of course, everyone was anxiously awaiting the long-anticipated verdict from the intimidated, coerced and politically influenced jury that would be deciding the fate of former Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin. I weighed in on the incident that involved career criminal, George Floyd, the man who’s been to prison 9 different times, the convicted home invader, the man that held a gun to the abdomen of a pregnant woman and threatened to blow her unborn child through her back and all over the wall behind her if she didn’t give up her belongings. I expressed my disgust for the lack of transparency by the media, the way a violent thug could be revered as a hero, the way factual medical analysis by an expert could be ignored in a Court of Law. I was painting a truthful picture about the fallout from the trial, the anticipated violent riots in major cities across America, specifically democratically controlled cesspools of filth and corruption, where lawlessness runs rampant, and where crime has been legalized.

I expressed a little bit of my frustration, the way I have been feeling as I watch a family become millionaires at the expense of the taxpayer, to the tune of over $27 million after the city of Minneapolis made payment before a verdict was in, and I factually pointed out how the jury could have easily been influenced by that intentionally designed timing, among other atrocities, for example Maxine Waters, a sitting member of the United States Congress, coming to Minneapolis to incite a violent insurrection as she encouraged domestic terror groups to become “more confrontational”.

I mean, we watched a sitting president, Donald J. Trump, go through a phony impeachment hearing, at which time Maxine Waters and her criminal cohorts like Ilhan Omar, AOC, Rashida Tlaib, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff and the Speaker of the House call for the removal of a man that encouraged Patriots to be peaceful. After a while, the hypocrisy being as bold as it is, gets under the skin of a critically thinking person who can look objectively at several situations and easily come to the conclusion that there are different sets of rules for certain classes of people. These elites consider themselves far and away above those that supposedly elected them and sent them to their seemingly endless positions of power and authority.

So, after posting the video on YouTube, the monetized channel where I make a few bucks every month, a ‘woke journalist’ called Ethan Baron penned an opinion piece in the Silicon Valley media outlet called ‘The Mercury News’. The headline read, “Google hosts YouTube video making false claim about George Floyd, Fake claim posted on day of final arguments in trial of killer cop”. Red Voice Media received a media request from the hack writer, who was asking for clarity on the video, stating that I falsely accused George Floyd of being a rapist. There’s nothing false about what I said, and I don’t make false statements on this platform. I may be wrong on certain occasions, some of my predictions may not come to fruition, and I admit when I’m wrong, but here I was not. I don’t participate in slander or defamation, like “The Mercury News”. This outlet published a piece calling me a liar. They made the claim, publicly, that I was lying on a global platform, and that I was making money doing it.

There are a couple of points here that I want to clear up before I get to how this radical leftwing communist state-controlled, bought-and-paid-for writer is wrong, and could easily be sued for calling me a liar in a horribly-written article published in this rag journal that gets distributed to the Silicon Valley Marxists over at YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. The first point is that I don’t make a killing in YouTube. I don’t make a million dollars every year to host ‘Patriotically Correct’, and I walked away from a career that set up my family rather nicely investigating and jailing criminals to come here to this microphone, where I investigate and report on criminals. My passion and relentless pursuit of the truth is worth the monetary sacrifices my family has made, and I stand by every word I say, including that George Floyd is a rapist, and that it’s disgusting that Satanists worship scum like him and prop him up as a representation of black people, only illustrating how the minority of the minority is screwing it up for the majority of the minority. George Floyd is a criminal, and he doesn’t represent black people. He’s a rapist, and the majority of black people would be disgusted by this unfair stereotypical grouping and overt racism by the left’s categorization of all blacks being associated with this rapist.

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Now, before I get to the defamation by this ‘woke’ radical liberal Ethan Baron, I want to make one thing very clear. I will never sell out the truth. I will never sell you down the river for money, and that’s exactly why just a week ago, stories broke all over the place about me ending negotiations with major broadcast networks and choosing to remain right here where I can be completely honest, opine with freedom and allow real America First advertisers to benefit from a platform that recognizes the United States of America as the greatest republic the world has ever known. A nation that’s proud to shine under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

So, while Ethan was writing this hit piece, doing what leftist communists do best, trying to cancel the truth, hitting me where he thinks it hurts, taking money off the table where my kids eat, YouTube, of course bowed down to their little brownshirt teacher’s pet that takes orders from the CCP-influenced regime, and they demonetized my entire channel. Now, I’ll just be totally candid with you, because that’s what I do. I’ll just be 100% transparent, and I can back all of this up with my income tax filings. I make about $1,200/month on YouTube. It doesn’t cover the mortgage, it doesn’t make me rich, but it helps to ease the financial burden for a man of principle that believes this calling to be of importance. That’s gone now. YouTube sent me a message that read, “Your channel is no longer eligible to monetize. After reviewing your application we found that your channel doesn’t follow all of YouTube’s monetization policies. Our reviewers found that your channel contains the following: Harmful content – Content that focuses on controversial issues and that is harmful to viewers”.

Well, let me just say, first of all, that this doesn’t surprise me. Communists are gonna communize. This is totally expected, because I’m just the little guy, and the almighty big tech companies have proven that they’re untouchable. They hold a certain power, a power so great that even a sitting president does nothing about something like “Section 230” before leaving office, despite President Trump promising to dismantle these predatory animal liars. YouTube, along with Ethan Baron, push propaganda. They’re liars that protect criminals. They protect pedophiles, and they’re now taking money away from a truthful broadcaster to protect a rapist. George Floyd is a rapist, and they’ve taken away my income, the money that helps to feed my kids to protect this violent piece of garbage. Let me be clear, this has nothing to do with Derek Chauvin, and he’s been convicted. That’s not the premise of the message here.

After the widely known sexual association with the word, Rape is defined as an outrageous violation. George Floyd did prison time for 9 different outrageous violations, including holding that gun to that stomach of an expecting mother and threatening to end the lives of her and her unborn child if she didn’t hand over what that rapist wanted. Rape is further defined as an act or instance of robbing or despoiling or carrying away a person by force. It’s right there. The definition is right there, and George Floyd’s criminal history is public information. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and if you want to sympathize with a rapist, then that’s you. Do you. But nobody, including Ethan Baron and YouTube is entitled to their own set of facts, and the fact is, George Floyd is a rapist.

Now, I know who I’m talking to. I know the majority of the 72,000 subscribers on that channel, I know who they are. I don’t go to happy hour with them, but I know how they feel, because of the over 25,000 views on that video, the majority of them agree. As a matter of fact, there are only 10 people that disagree our of the over 2,200 responses, and of those 10 I could reasonably speculate that the majority of them are either domestic terrorists associated with ANTIFA and BLM, or they work for “The Mercury News”.

Well, just so you all know, I’m going to stand by my words. George Floyd is a rapist, and that’s been proven by documentation. In addition, I’m going to stick by my promise to stay right here, and I’m not going anywhere. YouTube may have been able to take money away from a hard-working patriot that’s proud of his country and stands by law and order, but they can’t take the truth away from over 80 million people that already know. YouTube thinks they’re the big guy that can just bully little guys like me, and today they may have won, but in the end, nobody is bigger or more powerful than the gospel, nobody can deny the truth, and one day those that live next to the devil will be defeated. Let it be known that one enemy cannot stand against a nation united.

~Stew Peters