Chandler, AZ – Jennifer Alvey, a parent of five children in Chandler Unified School District, called out the district on their “double standard” for hosting a retirement party for the superintendent while canceling the senior prom due to COVID restrictions.

The school board had voted to cancel the prom due to concerns over COVID. The board had also initially voted to only allow two guest per student to the high school graduation but after backlash from parents they raised the limit to four. However the same board also decided to host a retirement party for the superintendent and are allowing each person to bring an additional four guests.

“Parents felt like the district just took a page out of the Marie Antoinette playbook there and said, ‘Let the seniors eat cake,’” – Jennifer Alvey 

It appears the board has a double standard. What is acceptable for the celebration of the superintendent does not apply to the students. The board is ok with piling people onto buses to get them to the retirement party and allowing for multiple guests, but a similar type of event is unacceptable for a high school prom.

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“We parents’ frustration isn’t that our School Board is holding the events for Dr. Casteel’s retirement, but rather the glaring double standard of the Board not being willing to also approve virtually the exact same logistics for our students’ Proms and Graduation ceremonies, using the excuse of ‘COVID risks. We would want to celebrate our retiring superintendent, but we also as parents don’t understand the double standard, why the district has certain things that are OK for the adults in the district and then the kids’ interest in the district are getting entirely overlooked for the seniors.” – Jennifer Alvey