It’s not a secret that in our ‘new normal’, we are expected to live by a different set of rules than those that rule over us. Bureaucrats and so-called leaders, politicians and elected representatives from the school board levels, county commissioners and all the way through our court system and federal government have been outwardly abusing their power, influence and authority to crush the rights and liberty of freedom-loving Americans since the politicization of the coronavirus, the shooting of violent criminals by police, the riots in our streets, the removal of a president, the framing, jailing and prosecuting of patriots, masking, social distancing, business closures, limiting the size of family gatherings, the cancelling of holidays, using the police as the new-aged brownshirts as a form of intimidation, calling anyone with an opposing opinion racist or bigoted…we’ve covered it all and I wear those titles like a badge of honor.

The blatant hypocrisy of these radical tyrants has gotten almost comical and amusing, because laughing is really the only thing that can keep us sane as we look in the mirror every day trying to convince ourselves that we’re not crazy, and that all of this is really going on.

Pinellas county was featured in a judicial corruption expose that I recently released after interviewing attorney Kenneth Ferguson, which if you haven’t seen…you must. It’s available on the Stew Peters YouTube channel, and desperately needs the immediate attention of the Florida Attorney’s General Office and Governor Ron DeSantis, but with that being said, it’s no surprise that Pinellas County so-called ‘officials’ are abusing their authority to enforce unconstitutional restrictions, squash the rights of you and your neighbors all the while living by a different set of standards themselves.

I’ve provided you all with my secure and encrypted email, and I follow up on everything sent to [email protected] I will never ignore a credible source, and although it takes longer than I would like sometimes, I follow up on literally every lead that I receive to establish its legitimacy. Although this isn’t earth-shattering news or ground-breaking revelation, I just wanted to take a moment to illustrate the narrative that I’ve been screaming since ‘Patriotically Correct’ was launched, and show you an example of this outrageous and maddening double standard of living and the enforcement of policy by scumbags like Renee Flowers. These are photographs proudly displayed on Flowers’ social media, specifically Facebook, where she dawns her maskless face. Renee Flowers is a Pinellas County Commissioner, and she was before the school board advocating for mask mandates. Those mandates, of course, are for you and me. Not for Renee Flowers, obviously. Shameful. We just thought you’d like to know about this, in case you think it’s appropriate for the residents or other representatives in Pinellas County to know about this in case they missed it. Astonishing.

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Meanwhile, in the People’s Republic of Minnesota, specifically Rochester, home of the Mayo Clinic, a park board ‘president’ called Linnea Archer wants to make sure that you’re aware of the real meaning behind the American Flag, and wants to make certain that her voice is heard on that meaning, as many residents of the progressively-run city may be offended, or even worse, frightened if old glory is displayed at the police officer memorial in her city

This is really happening. These are the actual pictures and voices…the thoughts of elected representatives sent to various positions of power and authority in our government. The importance of local government accountability needs to be recognized, and everyone needs to be aware that even the most seemingly meaningless elections have consequences. It should also be mentioned that Archer is a former school teacher, and there’s no doubt she used that influence in the classroom to indoctrinate students about her feelings for America.