Pro Se litigant Luis Ewing joins Stew Peters on PC Radio

We have spent a lot of time on ‘Patriotically Correct’ talking about business closures, masking, social distance mandates, our kids being subjected to alternatives to in-person education, subjecting children to masking during strenuous activity, limiting the sizes of family gatherings over the holidays and even parents losing their rights to their children due to the overwhelming idiocy in our society, the overreach of our court systems, the panic generated by the lying and fear-mongering media and the tyrannical and unconstitutional so-called ‘emergency orders’ of dictatorial local, state and federal representatives.

One of our country’s most successful citizen litigators has these radically empowered tyrants running scared. Luis Ewing says federal law prohibits the taking of any child away from it’s natural parents without a hearing in court of competent jurisdiction and any/one who violates this provision has no immunity from the liability from both criminal and civil penalties.

Ewing also says that all privately owned stores and businesses have no legal right to refuse accommodation, entrance or service for not wearing a mask or refusing to comply with mask signs at the business.