In another move by Big Tech to stifle peoples words, Reddit is reportedly blocking links to Rumble videos.  Rumble is a free speech, anti-censorship video hosting platform competing with YouTube.

Rumble is often targeted by those who wish to censor conservative voices, especially those who have already been removed from YouTube.  Many prominent conservative commentators and politicians use Rumble to house their video content such as Dan Bongino, Steve Bannon, PragerU, Stew Peters, and most recently, Gov. Ron DeSantis.

According to Reclaim The Net:

Reddit users have been reporting to Reclaim The Net that the social media site is censoring alternative video platform Rumble in private messages.

Screenshots shared show that the platform is informing users that their messages containing links to Rumble are blocked by domain filters.

Reclaim The Net was able to independently confirm this, also seeing that, on Desktop, any private messages that contained a link to a Rumble simply failed to turn up in the recipient’s inbox.

Last year Reddit took the same action against another free-speech video platform, BitChute.

Recently FoxNews reported that Rumble’s average monthly users have gone from 1.6M in the third quarter of 2020 to 31.9M at the end of first quarter 2021.

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“By the end of Q1 2021, we were at 31.9 million average monthly users,” Pavlovski told FOX Business. “April is looking fairly consistent.”

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