Burbank, CA – Officials have put a fence up outside of a restaurant that according to city officials has violated COVID lockdown measures on numerous occasions.

Tinhorn Flats Saloon & Grill has attempted to stay open throughout the COVID pandemic to keep their livelihood going. In the latest order from the county the restaurant’s electricity has been shutoff. Officials say the fence was put up to ensure the restaurant didn’t attempt to open in unsafe conditions.

Over the past several days protesters have gathered outside of the restaurant showing their support for the establishment.

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The restaurant has racked up approximately $50,000 in fines for violating public health orders such as staying open for outdoor dining during the COVID pandemic.

Several days before the fence was put up the restaurant owner’s son, Lucas Lepejian,  was seen removing sandbags that had been placed by city officials to prevent people from entering the restaurant. He was taken into police custody and released a few hours later.

Restaurant owner, Baret Lepejian, has no intention of paying the fines.

“Show me one shred of evidence how I am endangering the public. This has never been about safety or the public. It’s never been about that. This whole thing is about fear and control.” – Baret Lepejian

Lucas has set up a Go Fund Me page which states “Tinhorn Flats Legal Defense Fund- We will not comply with tyrannical rules and closures. The clowns at the Burbank City Council have illegally revoked our Conditional Use Permit and Los Angeles City has illegally revoked our health permit. We need this money to continue to fight for all our rights. The money will be used for Geragos & Geragos Law to keep our doors open.”