If you have any questions about whether or not you’re going to succumb to the pressure and allow for the government to mandate what you inject into your body, why don’t we just coax you a little bit? There have been talks about free donuts, a little prize or a trophy in some communities for those that have taken the jab, and there’s even a sticker and a stamp available for those that want to show their love for humanity. You can proudly display your obedience with certain identifiers if you haven’t already taken your vaccine selfie for the world to see. But, in case you need just a little extra push, one governor has the counter answer for your hesitation. He’s going to pay you!

An article and a video published by RVM reveals that West Virginia Governor, Jim Justice, has a plan to help young adults make up their minds and do the right thing. We’ll combine those rewards with the New York Mets tickets for criminals that reappear in court after being released without bail.

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