It’s no secret that “Republican” Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska has been targeted by the America First movement for a GOP primary challenge in the 2022 Senate race.

On Friday, the establishment GOP signaled their support for Murkowski.  The Senate Leadership Fund (SLF), aligned with Senate “Republican” Leader Mitch McConnell, announced that it was endorsing Murkowski for reelection.

“Alaska needs the kind of experienced representation that Lisa Murkowski provides in the United States Senate,” SLF president Steven Law said in a statement. “Whether fighting for Alaskan interests like expanding energy production and protecting fisheries, or advancing conservative priorities by confirming judges and cutting taxes, her strong leadership is vitally important to Alaska’s future. Many politicians put themselves first, but Lisa Murkowski always puts Alaska first.”

Murkowski has not yet announced if she will run for a fourth term in the Senate, but it is likely.

Senator Murkowski was on of the seven “Republicans” who voted to convict President Trump in his last impeachment “trial.”  The Alaska Republican Party has since passed a resolution in March censuring Murkowski for her impeachment vote.

A new challenger has emerged with the former Alaska Department of Administration Commissioner, Kelly Tshibaka, who launched a primary challenge against Murkowski last week.  Fox News reports she is being advised by strategists from the Trump 2020 campaign.

Early polling has brought bad news for Murkowski, with a new poll conducted by Cygnal found that Tshibaka has a 15 point lead on Murkowski, with 33.6 points compared to the senator’s 18.8 percent. Democrat Al Gross polls at 17.6 percent, and Alaska Independence Party John Howe polls at 5.7 percent, and an additional 21.1 percent of voters are undecided at this time.

President Trump has targeted Murkowski, saying “She represents her state badly and her country even worse. I do not know where other people will be next year, but I know where I will be – in Alaska campaigning against a disloyal and very bad senator.”