Today is all about mis and disinformation. I don’t mean today’s programming on the Stew Peters Show, I mean the lies, propaganda and the spreading of fake news all over today in this other show. This really is like watching a movie play out. A dark White House that appears to be unoccupied, an eerie ghost town feeling in the desolate streets of Washington DC, still an occupied city surrounded by electrified razor wire and barriers, the push for a vaccine that is now proven to have serious negative health side effects, blood clotting, infertility, unusual menstrual abnormalities and many deaths ranging from an unprecedented amount of miscarriages to strong and healthy middle-aged adults just dropping dead and we predicted it all. Medical experts have been trying to sound the alarm, but end up de-platformed, shadow banned, deleted, and censored. Dr. Jane Ruby is in ‘Facebook jail’, unable to post for a period of time for broadcasting truth. This isn’t hyperbole, this isn’t fear mongering this is reality and it’s really scary that everyone that tunes into places like MSNBC or CNN are still not getting accurate information that could be a life-changing detriment to their health and the lives of their children. Really scary, folks. Really scary.

The hardest part of this meal for me to chew, the most difficult thing to swallow is the intentional lying being done by this out-of-control, state-run, communist media. I mean they’re completely unapologetic, totally insincere, and outwardly lying every single day. They have no conscience. They just absolutely don’t care about getting it right, and as a matter of fact, they’re intentionally participating in the annihilation of our republic.

We know the truth about the staged insurrection and the phony impeachment hearings based on the provoking of that gathering. We know what the president said. We know what he said because our ears heard it. Our eyes watched Donald Trump stand behind a microphone and say the words, “peaceful and patriotic”. Let me just say, I’m not a torch carrier for everything Donald J. Trump. I think he was a great president, he made promises and he kept promises. I think the biggest downfall around Trump has been the people closest to Trump. Bad advice, horrible advisors, devious consultants and socially liberal gatekeepers that miss their previous lives in a pre-Trump era at their social clubs, happy hour gatherings and fundraising events complete with thousand dollar hors d’oeuvre platters and champagne toasts. They want to go back to that, and they’re trying desperately to kill the enthusiasm of his base by having him come out and support this questionable jab, this cocktail that the uninformed are subjecting themselves to as they trust that people like Dr. Anthony Fauci actually have their best interests in mind, ignorant to the fact that he and these other globalists have a serious financial stake in the game.

They just continue to lie, and when they’re caught lying they just go right onto the next lie without correcting the record (video)

“People who want the lies, they don’t come here. They go to a different channel.” He actually said that knowing that everything he’s saying is a lie. These people actually have to go to sleep at night, turn the lights off, be alone in the dark, lay their heads down on their MyPillow after they’ve used promo code ‘POSO’ and live with that. It’s no wonder they’re so angry and in a constant state of panic.

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