Phillip Stutts joined Stew Peters on PC Radio

We, of course, love success stories. Any time we can take a stand against tyranny and the silencing of Americans that wish to tell the truth, we celebrate the victories as they come. You may remember Phillip Stutts, an author that we talked to on ‘Patriotically Correct’ several weeks ago. Stutts launched a paid campaign using Facebook, and the ads for his new book, “The Undefeated Marketing System – How to Grow Your Business and Build Your Audience Using the Secret Formula that Elects Presidents” was banned. He couldn’t even pay to market his book that highlighted a marketing strategy that could be helpful for entrepreneurs in America.

Following the interview here, along with several others, Facebook lifted their ban. Stutts has since conducted several interviews, his book launches today, and he joins us today.

Check out his book here.