A group of protesters were kicked out of the lower house of Oklahoma’s legislature on Wednesday as they created a scene of chaos, shouting down to lawmakers about their opposition to several bills that were later signed into law by the governor.

The protesters barged into the Oklahoma State Capitol Building chanting, “Black Lives Matter” which forced the House of Representatives to go into lockdown.

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The group had gathered to protest several bills including one bill that makes it illegal to film police while they are on the job and an other bill which gives immunity to drivers who hit protesters because they feel threatened.

Approximately two dozen people gathered to protest at the Oklahoma House of Representative’s Chamber. They stood in the upper galley and shouted down to the lawmakers.

“You cannot just run somebody over and it be OK because your justification is you felt you were threatened,” – Adriana Laws, protest organizer 

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signed 44 bills into law later that day and at least two of the bills were bills the protesters opposed.