Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon signed a new bill into law on Tuesday that requires voters in Wyoming to present some type of identification when going to the polls to vote.

“Today’s signing of my Voter ID legislation is a victory for the citizens of Wyoming. It is a necessary function of our Republic to provide our citizens with confidence that our elections are secure, fair, and valid. I am proud that we were able to meet this important milestone for Wyoming.” – ” Rep. Chuck Gray, author of the bill

House Bill 75 is a huge win for Wyoming legislatures. It has been in the works for 20 years. It will go into effect in July.

The current bill requires ID in order to register to vote, but does not require ID at the voting location. However the new legislation does not apply to absentee ballots.

“Governor Gordon has just signed into law the photo ID bill I sponsored along with my conservative colleagues in the Senate. So which #woke corporation will attack our state next?” – Sen. Anthony Bouchard

One amendment to the bill was to allow those who are elderly to utilize their Medicare card as a form of identification since many of them no longer have a photo ID.

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Last week Wyoming Secretary of State, Ed Buchanan, had testified before the Wyoming Senate in support of House Bill 75.

“You really have every available type of identification to be used in this case, so no one has to feel like there’s an ID they can’t get. One of the important things I emphasized early on this was in no way disenfranchising any voters.” – Ed Buchanan