Lavern Spicer, US Congressional Candidate (FL-24) joined Stew Peters on PC Radio

Florida has been a mostly open state, as Ron DeSantis has led the charge for freedom in America as the common sense pioneer for states across the country, but we still see corruption and tyranny in places like Broward County, where parents have lost custody rights of their children, we interviewed Melanie Michael Joseph, who was the victim of the communist overreaching judge Dale C. Cohen. Business owners have been jailed, multiple times, and lost their entire life savings and investments for failing to comply with county orders, despite the governor signing the “Right to Work” bill in that state.

We know that Donald Trump won big in Florida last November, and that victory was bolstered by a Miami-Dade vote that Biden had hoped to secure but failed miserably, giving us some hope. Hope is what is needed in the low-income and middle class in that section of the state, specifically among the Cuban, Hispanic and black communities. Lavern Spicer has fed and clothed over a million families since she started Curley’s House of Style in 2001. She’s been serving her community as an activist for many years, and now she’s taking her love of community to the next level as she’s announced her run for United States Congress, asking citizens of Florida’s 24th district to send her to Washington DC.

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