It’s become popular in America to hate the police.  Some want to defund or abolish them. Many people Monday morning quarterback every use of force captured on bodycam, and speak out on what the police should have done differently, even when their solutions are completely unrealistic.

Suddenly, leftists have pushed the narrative of systemic racism and racist police officers so hard that it has become acceptable for woke politicians and celebrities to bash the police every chance they get. The media often deceptively edits videos and tells carefully crafted versions of the truth to further this movement.

After a year of violence and chaos, officers are retiring early in droves, moving on to new jobs, or even worse, just becoming completely demoralized.  They are fed up with not having public support. They are fed up with their own administrations making their jobs even harder. They are just fed up.

Today my friend Angel Maysonet, a retired NYPD Detective, sent out a simple Tweet asking “Ok. So in honor of all police officers across this great nation, I’d like all of my brethren to post to this thread the best or worst call/situation you’ve ever responded to (or both).”

The responses should be required reading for each and every person who wants to defund and abolish the police.  It’s a gut wrenching look at what police officers in America deal with every single day, so you don’t have to.  What they take home with to their families, and in many cases, what they have to think about the rest of their lives.

There are a lot of Tweets here. I dare you to read every single one.

Do you support the police?

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I’ll start with my own personal worst experience. You may see a common theme in these stories and it’s not the gunfights and pursuits.

This is what law enforcement deals with. They keep you safe.  Do you have their back?