DeAnna Lorraine joined Stew Peters on PC Radio

Well as the trial of Derek Chauvin comes to a close, major broadcast networks and left wing communist state-controlled media outlets are using catchy phrases like “embracing for violence” and “preparing for riots” as their new catchy hashtags to promote the sex of the day, desperately trying to hold onto their shriveling audience that could only be compared to the shrinking testicular fortitude lacking in the talent pool at networks like CNN, the home of the notorious cryer, Don Lemon.

Are we really to believe that this is the ‘new normal’ that people like Chris Cuomo pray for as the lack of real stories keeps him awake at night, only leaving him with manufactured narratives, lies and the incitement of unrest and violence to give him something to talk about on the failing platform?

In other news, reported on by Alex Jones at InfoWars, a disturbing headline reads, “Unvaccinated women claim unusual menstrual cycles and miscarriages after being near recently vaccinated individuals. I’m sure the AJ haters will come unglued calling him a tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorist, but can we really rule anything out in the days of mis and disinformation?

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