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Biden: If You Don’t Get Vaccine, You Are “Lazy” and Could Kill People

Joe Biden made an appearance on Tuesday and spoke about his focus on getting more people vaccinated. To date, over 106 million Americans have already gotten “the shot,” but the Biden administration is pushing for more.

Biden was asked a question by ABC News about the next phase of the vaccine rollout, and issued one of his trademark mumbling responses, starting with calling those who don’t vaccinate “lazy,” and continued with, “Most people will be convinced by the fact that their failure to get the vaccine may cause other people to get sick and maybe die.”

Leftist government officials have been pushing and shaming people into receiving the vaccine on a regular basis, with scandal-plagued Governor Andrew Cuomo even getting in the mix.  You may have heard about Cuomo’s COVID response, since he has been accused of causing thousands of deaths in nursing homes due to horrible policy. That didn’t stop him from attempting to scare New Yorkers.  During a recent press conference, while talking about those who have not been vaccinated, Cuomo issued this ghoulish statement, “Or maybe you go home and kiss your grandmother, and wind up killing your grandmother.”