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Biden To Give Cash, Services & Permanent Status To 100’s of Illegals Deported Under Trump

As part of a settlement agreement with hundreds of migrant families separated during the Trump era, the Biden Administration plans to provide permanent status for illegal immigrants, social services and money.

A lawsuit known as the Ms. L case has been filed by at least 1,000 migrants who were deported from the United States while some of their family members remained in the country as part of the Trump Administration’s “zero tolerance” policy. The group is being represented by attorneys with the American Civil Liberties Union.

“The ACLU is in settlement negotiations with the Biden administration to provide full relief to the thousands of separated families, not just reunification in the U.S. but permanent status, compensation, and social services,” – Lee Gelernt lead attorney with ACLU

Four of the separated families are suppose to be reunited this week. Allegedly 5,500 families were separated during the Trump Administration due to them crossing the border illegally. The parents were deported while the children remained in the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services.

“The key will be that the Biden administration stays the course because there is a lot to do. It is one thing to get a few families back, but a whole other thing to scale up the process, so it works smoothly for more than 1,000 families who remain separated, not to mention getting benefits for the thousands of others who need them.” – Lee Gelernt lead attorney with ACLU

The Department of Homeland Security is working on reuniting the families but has not stated what benefits will be provided in the process of reuniting the families.

“The Task Force is actively working to develop a system for processing and reunifying over a thousand families and to set up a system to provide mental health support and stability to thousands more families who are here in the United States and still trying to heal from the trauma caused by their separation. This is only the beginning, and the government cannot do this work alone. We are committed to working with the private sector and with the NGOs, attorneys, and advocates who have done tremendous work in support of these families.” – DHS Spokesperson