A former Black Lives Matter leader has been arrested for lying to police about the murder of a teenager that occurred inside of his apartment back on February 12.

Mazin Mohamedali was the previous leader of an Iowa BLM group known as the Iowa Freedom Riders. On February 12, Quincy Russom was shot and killed in Mohamedali’s apartment, but Mohamedali waited awhile before calling police to report it.

Mohamedali had provided false information to the police about the murder including giving false descriptions about the people involved in the killing, withholding information to the police, deleting his call history and deleting his Snapchat app from his phone. His actions impacted the investigation and police could have potentially found the killer sooner had Mohamedali provided accurate information.

Mazin Mohamedali (middle)

Police believe that Russom was killed during a suspected robbery. Sammy Hamed was arrested for Russom’s murder on February 22 and 2 days later authorities executed a search warrant on Mohamedali’s apartment where they found 56.13 grams of marijuana and 42.5 ecstasy pills inside of his home. Mohamedali was arrested for two counts of controlled substance violation, failure to affix a drug stamp, and one count of keeping a drug house.

Mohamedali was also arrested last summer during a Black Lives Matter riot when the group tour down a fence outside of the Old Capitol Museum. Initially he faced six charges but was able to plead it down to a misdemeanor for disorderly conduct.

Currently Mohamedali is in Henry County Jail.

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