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Black Lives Matter ‘Protesters’ Disrupt Memorial For Fallen Officers, Blast Rap Music

Madison, WI – As law enforcement officers formed a procession on Friday to honor officers who were killed in the line of duty, Black Lives Matter protesters showed up disrupting the ceremony. The obnoxious group of BLM protesters used profanity, heckled officers and blasted rap music as they showed complete disrespect for members of law enforcement who had given the ultimate sacrifice.

Members of law enforcement and their families gathered at the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial in Capitol Square to honor the fallen heroes when the BLM group disrupted the ceremony. Less than 10 minutes in you can hear the obnoxious BLM protesters shout, “We have a right to protest!” and “Black Lives Matter!”

“You’ve got tears coming out of my eyes. You know why? Because I have faith in people, and you’re totally disrupting my f***ing balance right now. Begging you m*********ers to stop killing people that look like me.” – Black Lives Matter ‘Protester’

In the background during a moment of silence rap music is playing with lyrics that included, “f*** the police.” The ceremony lasted 40 minutes with the majority of it being disrupted by a group of disrespectful BLM protesters.


The officers included on the 2021 Honor Roll are:

The officers included on the 2020 Honor Roll are: