Nashville, TN – The Metro Nashville Police Department just released their ‘Critical Incident Briefing’ on the fatal shooting of a schizophrenic 23-year-old, Jacob Griffin.

The incident began with a 911 call from Jacob’s mother who stated “He is schizophrenic, and for about the last hour has been texting me messages that he plans to kill me and other people. He does have a gun. He has texted me pictures of a full magazine of bullets this morning, so he is armed. And I personally would consider him dangerous, but he has never actually been violent. I really don’t want the police to kill him but I don’t want him to kill anyone else either.”

Officers arrived on the scene at about 3:30 PM and Griffin allegedly told them that has was armed with a gun. One of the officers deployed a taser which was not effective. This part of the incident wasn’t recorded as the officers on scene at the time were not equipped with body worn cameras.

Approximately 40 minutes later, at 4:10 PM, SWAT and additional police officer arrived. By quarter after 5, the mobile crisis staff from a mental health group were also on scene.

One of the officers was attempting to negotiate with Griffin when he yelled out “I am a hypnotist. Get off my property!” to which an officer replied “can’t go away buddy,”

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At approximately 7:20 PM, Griffin fired a shot from his handgun and then dropped it but at that point you can see one of the officers raise his gun towards him… Jacob can be heard screaming at the police: “Get that fucking gun out of my fucking face,”

Officer sent in a K-9 to subdue Griffin who then fired a shot as SWAT officer Matthew Grindstaff screams “Show me your hands, show me your hands, Where’s the gun?”

Officer Grindstaff returned fire, hitting Griffin, who was later pronounced dead at Vanderbilt University Hospital.

No officer were injured in the incident which is still under investigation.