The Oklahoma City Police Department released bodycam and bystander video of a fatal officer involved shooting that occurred Saturday, May 8th.

Authorities say on Saturday night, OKC police responded to a home near NW 33rd and Roff Ave following a domestic dispute. Police were initially told the suspect, Daniel Hobbs, was in violation of a protective court order.

An officer arrived and contacted Hobbs. The officer attempted to search the suspect to make sure he didn’t have any weapons, but a struggle ensued.  “During the course of the struggle, both the officer and the person involved went to the ground. During that struggle, the officer discharged his firearm, striking the subject,” said Capt. Dan Stewart, with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

A neighbor captured the fight on their cell phone. Witnesses told investigators that they saw Hobbs and the officer struggling over the officer’s gun. In bodycam released, authorities highlight that Hobbs gained control of the officer’s taser before he was shot.