The world has had about enough of this crazy Liberal, Leftist, offended by everything Cancel Culture BS.

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“Well it’s a beautiful day so we’re up on the studio roof. Today we’re going to discussing Laura Ingalls Wilder. Author of The Little House On The Praire books whose name has been removed from writing awards. Because her books display stereotypical attitudes and contain racial language. I mean f**ks sake, I’d be f**king amazed if they didn’t. Frankly. These books, they’re based on the authors childhood between 1870 -1894. That’s like 5 years after slavery was abolished. The books were written during the Jim Crow laws. It’s almost as if cultural norms aren’t fixed and change with the passage of time. Who is this helping? No one. No one needs protecting from Little House On The (f**king) Prairie. Or for that matter the racially charged language of Huckleberry Finn or To Kill A Mockingbird of f**king… What does this achieve? Who does this help? Stop sanitizing and denying the past to make yourself look good. I’m f**king, I’m sick of it. It’s utter bullsh*t and it’s f**king everywhere you look. We live in the most inclusive, progressive, diverse, prosperous society ever in human history. Yet we behave as if we’ve never had it so f**king bad. We’re told that is prejudice wherever you look. Because there aren’t enough female biographies on Wikipedia or enough BAME cyclists on the road. Apparently the biggest challenge to London cyclists is not safety. It’s diversity. We used to react to prejudice. Now we actively seek it out. Often where it doesn’t f**king exist. F**king Google has taken the egg out of it’s salad emoji to make it more inclusive for vegans. Is there a single vegan in the world that feels triggered or oppressed or unrepresented by a salad emoji with an egg in it? What does this achieve? Who does this help” –  Rightly Pissed British Journo


“My generation, right, we’ve never really had to fight for much. Gay rights certainly has come a long way in my lifetime but I mean we never had to fight for the votes. We never had to fight in a f**king war. My grandmother watched the battle of Britain taking place above her house. Nazis in planes over her house, attempting to invade our country. Actual Nazis. I’m not talking Trump voters. Actual Nazis. Recently you had Vogue Magazine saying tackling women’s issues today is harder than women’s battle for the vote. You pampered privately educated c*nt, The Suffragettes went on f**king hunger strikes. Emily Davidson sacrificed her life. Wearing a Louis Vuitton black dress on a red carpet is not the same as jumping in front of a f**king racehorse. Stop f**king demonstrating how f**king worthy you are. And it’s not just, it’s not just, it’s f**king. Look at this. It’s f**king everything. It’s everything, right? This f**king PRIDE sponsored Costa coffee. Who does this help? I’d like a skinny latte please. With one pump of sugar free hazelnut syrup. Would you like it in a cup that publicly displays that you’re happy with the notion that same sex couples having the right to… I just want a f**king coffee, mate. It’s 6:30 AM and in 20 minutes I’m scheduled to interview Amber f**king (unintelligible). I just need the f**king caffeine. Give me my f**king skinny latte. We don’t call it a skinny latte anymore, Sir. Because that phrase is considered fat shaming. Oh well just f**k off then.” – Rightly Pissed British Journo