Freedom loving Americans that have recognized the plan for compliance through fear have resisted muzzling themselves with scientifically unproven and ridiculous dirty and worm-infested masks from the beginning of the planned-demic, and the number of those awakening to the ridiculous mandates is growing exponentially every day. The blanket of misinformation constantly flooding your television on major broadcast networks and fake news, communist-controlled, state-run so-called cable news networks is being lifted and the propaganda is being recognized by more and more people in our country that want to return to a normal way of living. I’ve often said if everyone just stops getting tested, and if everyone resists the jab, COVID-19 will absolutely 100% go away.

One business owner has decided he’s had enough, and he’s put his foot down. Steven Merrill owns a precious metal shop, and he is refusing admittance to anyone covering their face with an ineffective diaper, and If you’ve subjected yourself to the jab, you’re not welcome. Steven operates the Sun City Silver and Gold Exchange, he’s an advocate for free markets, sound money and individual liberty, and he joined Stew on The Stew Peters Show.