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COVID Cover-Up Efforts By Chinese Communist Party Are ‘Staggering’: Pompeo | Devin Nunes

Evidence surrounding the origins of COVID-19 continue to mount. Devin Nunes and Mike Pompeo joined Maria Bartaroma on Sunday Morning Futures to discuss…

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“Well, what we’ve been working on is trying to piece together all the evidence we possibly have to try to determine, did this come from the Wuhan lab? Did it come from somewhere else or did it come from some weird Chinese dude eating a bat in a wet market like the Democrat Socialists in this country try to perpetuate? The media tried to perpetuate that. But what we have today, what we can say after a year of investigating and coming up with these 25 questions, there’s clearly a lot of questions that involve a lot of circumstantial evidence. We have a lot of that, that indicates that this originated in a lab. We have ZERO evidence that some dude ate a bat in a wet market. And I think that’s important to note because what we’re talking about here is we’re talking about very dangerous, potential leaks. And also future biological warfare. Which is really why the concerns that I have also about why is the Biden Administration now taking U.S. technology that we developed to develop a vaccine to this very dangerous virus, and now they’re willing to spread this and allow the Chinese to access this technology. This is maddening.” – Congressman Devin Nunes

Here are a few of the 25 questions Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., also disclosed in a Letter to Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines [2]

4. Does the IC have any evidence, circumstantial or otherwise, that COVID-19 occurred
naturally and spilled over directly from an intermediate host to humans in the fall of

5. Has the IC assessed the PRC’s compliance with Article X of the Biological Weapons
Convention? If so, please provide the committee that assessment.

11. Does the IC assess that Gain of Function research collaboration with China represents a
threat to U.S. national security? If not, what is the basis for such a view?

13. Has the IC produced an analysis on China’s adherence to international health regulations
in the wake of the COIV-19? If so, please provide it to the Committee.

17. Does the IC understand the full scope of dangerous research conducted at the WIV? What
are the IC’s knowledge gaps?

21. Who specifically was responsible for the selection of outside experts?

23. Who are the members of the Biological Sciences Experts group?

25. Given the fact that cooperation with China is not attainable, and if offered would be
unreliable, what investigative steps are planned to determine the cause of the COVID-19

Now for Mike Pompeo’s thoughts on what Devin Nunes just said on the origins of COVID-19 and his experience in The State Department…

“Well we wanted to get every bit of evidence that we could. We tried to deliver this to the CDC. Tried to work with the Chinese. They covered it up terribly but every piece of evidence that we saw throughout the entire time that I was there suggested that this originated in that laboratory, The Wuhan Institute of Virology. I haven’t seen a shred of evidence to suggest anything to the contrary. That evidence continues accumulate in spite of the fact that The Chinese Communist Party will not permit anyone to get any access to the laboratory, to the original materials, to the doctors that were working there. The list of the cover up efforts is staggering. And the combination of the circumstantial evidence that we have combined with the intense effort to deny us information about that lab suggests to me strongly that this was where it originated. And Maria, as I think Devin said, the risk of something like this happens again from that laboratory or another Chines laboratory is very real. They’re operating and conducting activities that are inconsistent with their capacity to secure those facilities and the risk of bio weapons and bio terror emanating from this region is very real.” – Mike Pompeo

Devin Nunes also sent a separate letter to Mr. Biden, asking him to launch a full-scale review on how the pandemic started, saying there is stronger evidence than ever of a possible accident at the Wuhan Institute for Virulogy (WIV). Devin Nunes Letter To Mr Biden [3]

These two letters from Devin come on the heels of Biden officials recently admitting that a Chinese lab leak could be responsible for the pandemic. This is something Democrats and world health ‘leaders’ disputed and defended against for a good portion of 2020.


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