Florida – Some Governors and Mayors let ANTIFA & Black Lives Matter run wild in the streets with little to no consequences. Ron DeSantis on the other hand, isn’t having it. He is fast becoming America’s favorite Governor if he’s not already.

DeSantis seems to be doing all the right things the America First and Make America Great majorities in the Republican base wants. Here’s just a few…

Securing Election Integrity: CHECK

Election Integrity Secured In FLA, DeSantis Signs Bill, Defends Police Bonuses

Suspending Mask Mandates & COVID Lockdowns: CHECK

Florida Gov. DeSantis Suspends COVID-19 Emergency Orders Statewide

Protecting biological females in sports: CHECK

Gov. DeSantis Is Signing A Bill Banning Biological Males From Girls’ Sports

Should ANTIFA Be Labled As A Domestic Terrorist Organization?

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Potential 2024 running mate with Donald Trump: CHECK

Trump Bashes Biden While Discussing DeSantis As Potential Running Mate