Aaron Kates, a Canadian national, reached out to ‘The Stew Peters Show’ asking for help shining light on the dark situation just north of the United States. Kates was at a protest today, in Toronto, and passed on video footage for Americans to see, hoping U.S. citizens will see what is coming, and act to stop it.

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In one video clip, you can see a citizen talking to a police officer. The officer doesn’t seem to really know what ‘laws’ he’s enforcing, but is ready to act with the strong arm of the law in any instance of non-compliance.

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Kates wrote a letter to Stew Peters:

“Good evening, Last Sunday there was a large protest gathered in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

The location was queens park where our Premier (governor) of Ontario, Doug Ford resides. Canadians were protesting the communist style lockdowns and forced vaccinations as the only solution to covid19. 70% of the Canadian economy is small business. Walmart can stay open with hundreds of people shopping but my hairdresser can’t have 2 clients to cut hair even though he clearly is professional and hygienic. The govt is picking and choosing whom stays open and whom is closed. There is no science behind any of their lockdowns. They even closed golf courses and tennis courts which makes absolutely no sense since these sports are safe outside. Gyms are closed, nails and hair salons, restaurants closed inside /outside.

Drug , alcohol, suicide and mental health are on the rise. Families are having a hard time putting food on the table.

The Canadian govt has told farmers to stop planting crops or the won’t get govt subsidies.

They are forcing vaccines like used car salesman and offering incentives to take the jab.

The police don’t really know the true letter of the law and taking matters into their own hands. You can clearly see the people are not violent but the police really want to silence the crowds at no costs. The media is also very corrupt and not doing their jobs or telling the truth. We truly need to stick together and share intel .

I am truly scared for our citizens. I love Canada but not sure I want to live here anymore.

Please stay safe, Aaron Kates, fellow Canadian Patriot”

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