Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis held a press conference on Tuesday, strongly suggesting that local school districts ditch their mask mandates for children which have been in place since the COVID-19 pandemic.

“These kids do not need to be wearing these masks, OK? I’m sorry, they don’t,” DeSantis said during the press conference. “We need to be able to let them be kids and let them act normally. And that’s what should be the case in the fall throughout the school year.”

DeSantis did not issue an executive order, but saiid “What’s our direction to the school districts and the other schools? Our direction is relatively simple. Have a normal school year. That’s what we want, and that’s what will happen.”

Just last month, Florida Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran sent a letter to school district superintendents statewide, urging them to eliminate their face mask mandates and instead make them optional.