In an interview with Dispatch podcast former President George W. Bush said that police officers need to be held accountable and that police reform is necessary.

When Bush was asked to give a grade for on overall policing in the U.S. he gave high marks. Recognizing while there are some bad seeds in law enforcement there are good officers who sacrifice their lives each day to protect and serve their communities.

“The question is, ‘What grade do you give police people?’ The answer that is overall good except police departments need to learn to weed out those who don’t hold our fellow citizens in the same regard as they hold themselves, and there’s no question there needs to be police reform.” – George W. Bush

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“But I think one of the lessons that people will learn over time is that there’s no question there needs to be police. And so I’m, you know, I, again I’m optimistic about the country’s capacity to take on real issues, and there is a real issue in police accountability. See. that thing after the riots at the Capitol that should be encouraging to people … is that the institutions held. And the question is, will the institutions of justice, hold, and be fair. And so far I think that’s been the case.” – George W. Bush 

Bush recognizes the need for law enforcement and that the solution is not to abolish the police.