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Gov Whitmer Used Non Profit Funds For Private Jet To Florida For ‘Personal’ Reasons

Michigan Governor Whitmer claimed that her trip to Florida back in March was for personal reasons to see her father, but at the same time she utilized nonprofit social welfare funds to cover the cost of the trip which would indicate that the trip was not for personal reasons.

When the trip first became known to the public back in April, Governor Whitmer was adamant that the trip was taken for personal reasons to visit her ailing father and that there was nothing more to disclose about the trip.

“I’ve said everything I am going to say about my trip to go check on my father. It was a quick trip. It was an important family reason for doing it. And I have nothing to add. I showed up when I was needed. I did a lot of cooking, a lot of cleaning. When you’re the governor of Michigan, you’re always on the clock, but it does not mean that you’re not also a daughter who shows up when a family member needs her,” – Governor Whitmer

Whitmer’s office claimed on Friday that her nonprofit organization, Executive Office account, paid for her flight. Claiming it cost $27,251 and she reimbursed $855 to cover the cost of her seat on the flight. What is not clear is how either entity arrived at those numbers. Regardless if the trip was for personal reasons she would not be allowed to use nonprofit funds to cover personal expenses. If Whitmer utilized nonprofit funds legally it would indicate that the trip was not for personal reasons which would mean she had lied about why she had taken the trip back in April.

“Today’s revelations that Whitmer’s non-profit paid for her personal trip to Florida is shady and makes it clear why she tried to hide the trip and cover up who paid. Either Whitmer’s Florida trip was for a legitimate 501(c)(4) purpose, in which case the c4 could pay for it, or it was personal, in which case a c4 can’t pay for it. Whitmer’s personal use of her 501(c)(4) account funds must be investigated.​” – Tori Sachs, Michigan Rising Action’s executive director