Houston Police responded to a kidnapping call on Thursday night and authorities worked diligently to try to find the location of the kidnapping. They eventually discovered a two story home in Houston and determined that the case was a human smuggling operation. Authorities obtained a search warrant and discovered over 90 people inside the home.

The majority of the victims inside the home were males with the exception of five females. Fortunately no one appeared to be seriously injured, but some individuals appeared to be infected with COVID-19. Several individuals had fevers and had lost their sense of taste and smell. At least five people did test positive for COVID.

The victims informed police that they had not eaten recently and authorities brought the victims food and water.

All of the victims were issued personal protective gear and put onto buses, but it was unclear where authorities were taking the victims.

No children were found inside the home.

The situation remains under investigation and at this time no arrest have been made.