This guy says what many have been thinking. “Where the F**k are the Joe Biden supporters?”

“I can tell y’all why I support Trump. Tell me why y’all support this motherf**ker. Ain’t doing shit but f**king us up every day. F**king us up. I don’t see shit. Anybody saying nothing. They had a whole lot of energy, they had a whole lot of energy when my motherf**king man, President was in there and everything that Trump did, I told you I support him for this. I support him for that. I had to stand behind that shit every f**king day I had to stand behind why I supported President Trump.

I don’t hear no motherf**kingbody telling me why they support Joe Biden or this goofy shit. Then when I ask my uncle about this shit, he say “Joe, do you think that I’m with that shit? Do you think that I support that?” YES, you support it. If you voted for Joe Biden, you support all of this shit. Because when I was with Trump, I had to tell you I support every f**king thing that he did and I justified what the f**k that he did. Tell me anything… anything. All these kids at the f**king border. Guess what? Yea, you with that shit you Joe Biden voting motherf**ker. Turning your little boys into little girls, you can’t tell me you ain’t with that shit. You voted for Joe Biden, you with it. YOU WITH IT.

Y’all wanna detach yourself from everything that Joe Biden doing like it’s just him? No. You voted for him. That’s what the f**k you wanted. OWN IT! I told you all back then you was a bunch of f**king useful idiots. OWN IT! When was America ever great? I guarantee you motherf**kers wish you could go back to the day that Donald Trump won. That was a good f**king day. You might was mad in your f**king mind but bet you your ass was on your way to work. I bet you was on your way to f**king work. I bet you wasn’t standing at a f**king gas station looking for gas. I bet you wasn’t waiting for a f**king stimulus check. I bet you wasn’t waiting for an extra $300 on your f**king food stamps. I BET YOU!

Do you still support President Trump

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Wanna get rid of Trump. F**k Trump. F**k Trump. I told y’all politicians wanna get rid of Trump for one f**king reason, so they can do what the f**k they wanna do. It was never their plan for Trump to win 4 years ago. They try to get my man up out of there so they can what the f**k they doing now. They wanted to do this shit 4 years ago. They’re f**king war mongers. THEY NOT FOR US! Trump got in there, stopped them son of a bitches from doing what the f**k they wanna do. They been wanting to do this shit. They been wanting your little boy to be a little girl. They been wanting this shit not to look like America no motherf**king more. Watcha all say America First, AMERICA FIRST GOD DAMN IT!” – One Pissed Off Patriot