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New Yorkers Fled To Florida In Droves During The Pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic thousands of New Yorkers fled to Florida. According to data from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Over 33,000 New York residents swapped their New York license for a Florida license between September 2020 and March 2021.

The driving factor behind New Yorkers moving to Florida appears to be how Governor DeSantis is handling the pandemic by allowing residents more freedom to live their lives. Also parents wanting to get their kids back into the classroom on a full time basis. In general, Florida has seen an increase in population since the beginning of the pandemic which is believed to be “supported by an apparent shift in lifestyle preferences away from the more dense urban areas found elsewhere.”

For the past eight decades New York has been losing representation in Congress as their overall census continues to drop. In the most recent census, New York was 89 people short to hold the same number of seats. Back in the 1940’s, New York had 45 members in the House of Representatives and now the state only has 26 members.

“We were the Empire State of the country, and that is clearly not the case right now. To have one less member of Congress, to have one less electoral vote, that makes our voice that much smaller.” – Nick Langworthy, the chairman of the New York Republican Party

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