Staten Island, NY – Bill de Blasio has denied a group of veterans a permit to march down Staten Island on Memorial Day after allowing pot smokers to hold a Cannabis Parade last week.

The United Staten Island Veterans Organization has sponsored the parade for decades. This year’s 102nd annual Memorial Day Parade was going to honor Gulf War Vets until the city refused to give the organization the permit to hold the annual event. The request for the permit was filed on February 27 in accordance with the city’s official rules. On March 9, the request was denied citing the COVID restrictions for public gatherings as the reason for not allowing the event.  Ironically over the past year the city has had no issue with numerous Black Lives Matter marches and protests. The city even allowed a St. Patrick’s Day Parade and a Cannabis Parade.

“Look, have any parade you want, I have no problem with that, but for the city to put dopeheads over vets is just dishonoring us.” – Volker Heyde 

The groups attorney Brendan Lantry sent a good faith letter to the NYPD demanding that a permit be issued by Monday. If the permit is not issued the group will file a lawsuit against the city.

“Under the equal protection clause, it’s unconstitutional for the city to pick and choose between groups like this. There’s a clear double standard going on here.” – Brendan Lantry