A bystander video captured an incident of a woman who refused to wear a mask on a New York train being bombarded by other passengers who screamed at the woman despite her pleas that she didn’t feel well.

The incident happened on the Long Island Railroad. The video begins with a woman screaming, “I’m sick and I don’t feel well! I don’t feel well! I don’t feel well!”

Multiple people yelled at the woman shouting, “Put your fucking mask on.”

The woman continued to state that she didn’t feel well as more people on the train started yelling at her for not wearing a mask.

“Shut up, you stupid bitch!”

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“No one cares about your feelings,”

The woman not wearing the mask screamed even louder that she did not feel well and that she would have to get off the train.

In response the crowd screamed back to her, “Get off!”