It’s really important that we address this today, because although the legacy media is willing to report on UFO sightings and murder hornets, we aren’t going to get the truth from them on the possible negative side effects, deaths, miscarriages and abnormalities being associated with the MRNA injection being called a ‘vaccine’ as the globalists controlling our government are spending billions to convince you to get jabbed with the unknown cocktail so that in-turn the medical industry, big pharma and the elites of the round table stand to make trillions through the forced inoculation.

After Dr. Jane Ruby broke confirmed evidence of some sort of ‘transmission’ on this program, in other words un-injected people experiencing side effects after being around those that have succumb to the carefully designed pressure of the government, things have developed rather quickly. We’re going to get right into it with the medical expert, but what you’re not going to be told about in the fake news state-controlled communist mainstream media is the actual accounts of hundreds of thousands of verified and VAERS reported incidents. People are actually ignoring real data and politicizing the injections in an almost cult-like fashion, much like they don’t question muzzling themselves with parasite-ridden nano-bot infested scientifically unproven masks crawling with worms after being manufactured in third world disease-ridden countries. We, on the other hand, will bring you the first-hand accounts of what’s going on, and keep in mind this is only a few examples that came to me directly from listeners and one personal acquaintance of mine that happens to live in my community.

The Stew Peters Show obtained leaked documents from the Pfizer study, which we will display here momentarily, that suggest the “shedding” is something the company knew about, but failed to report to the masses.

After posting this information for my friends to see on my Facebook page, someone that I know personally reached out to me. She wrote:

“Oh Stew… I saw your post and felt the need to comment but hesitate on fb for many reasons. There is so much going on right now. I’m in a group of thousands of women around the world that are experiencing side effects just being around people that have gotten it, I being one of them. Men are experiencing things too. I hope they are talking about it. It’s not shedding like a normal one but a transmission and the timeline is unknown. It’s definitely not good. I wonder who got it and actually READ all this. How can medical staff in good faith (do no harm) participate? The FDA approves a lot of things in our foods that are banned in other countries because of their affects on our health, yet they won’t approve the vaccination…should make a person wonder. It’s only allowed for usage because of this “pandemic”. Under normal circumstances, it could NOT be administered. This is beyond frustrating!”

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After opening my protonmail, I discovered several other reports, and I’ll share a few of them with you.

Hi Stew, I’m a fellow Minnesotan. Thanks for all your reporting. I follow you on Telegram.

I wanted to tell you that my sister’s doctor (at a medium sized clinic in Hutchinson, I won’t give his name because he is afraid of retribution) told her 4 of his patients had the shot while pregnant and ALL had miscarriages. He has decided that women of childbearing age ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT be getting this.

Thanks again for all you do and for being so bold in telling truth!


Hi Stew, You are amazing in what you are doing for all of us on Telegram. Thank you so much! I wanted to share this with you. My handicapped sister lives with my mother who has dementia. We have 24/7 private care at her house. 2 of the 3 caregivers are vaccinated. My sister has been menopausal for at least 9 years. Just last week she started bleeding, I thought it was so strange until I heard Dr. Ruby speak on your show. I mentioned it to the unvaccinated caretaker and she said oddly she has been spotting unexpectedly. This is so crazy. I am so nervous for my mom and sister now. Are these vaccinated caretaker harming my family?


Stew, Against my advice, my wife got the first shot of the Pfizer vaccine. I’ve felt horrible starting two days after her shot. I’ve had headaches and body aches for the last week. Do you think it’s a coincidence?


Hi Stew, My in-laws both got the moderna vaccine and we are around them several times a week. Last month two days after my normal menstruation ended I started bleeding again and did so for another two weeks. This has never happened to me ever! Something is definitely going on and I am concerned for my daughters. Thank you for speaking out and highlighting this issue!!

These are just a couple of accounts from personal testimonials, but we should have seen this coming, because we were warned.

In 2018, researchers at Johns Hopkins Center for Global Security published a report into the technologies that are already available but have yet to be applied to an emergency situation. Self-spreading vaccines were among the most eye-catching technologies outlined by the research. Using this method, a small number of individuals are targeted so that an entire population could be protected. The report stated the vaccines could “dramatically increase” the protection of both human and animal populations.

The report says, “For human use, targeted release of a weakly transmissible self-spreading vaccine early in an outbreak could create herd immunity in communities and prevent an outbreak from becoming a pandemic”.

In addition to these reports, headlines dating all the way back to 2017 warned us that this involuntary inoculation would be imminent. “Vaccines of the future could be as contagious as viruses”. Scientists are working on vaccines that spread like a disease. What could possible go wrong? Coronavirus cure: Scientists plan bizarre self-spreading vaccine to fight pandemic, “COVID-19 cure: scientists plan to develop self-spreading coronavirus vaccine.

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