Portland, OR – ANTIFA gets caught again. This time they get exposed by what appears to be one of their own ‘press’.

ANTIFA 1: “What do you think your pictures are going to do? Do you think they’re going to change the world? They won’t. They’re just going to put us in f**king prison.”

ANTIFA 2: ” If you support anarchy you’d put your camera down and participate. Then you’d have a hell of a lot more f**king fun! *bizarre giggles*”

ANTIFA 3: “It’s May Day, let’s break sh*t! Let’s burn some s*it! Let’s burn this sh*t down!

Should ANTIFA Be Labled As A Domestic Terrorist Organization?

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Are these the words of peaceful protesters?

Does Joe Biden and Jerry Nadler still consider the ANTIFA organization just an idea?