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(VIDEO) Naked Woman Leads Arkansas Police On Chase, Gets Tackled By Officer

Lamar, AR – In a just released dash cam video, an Arkansas woman led police from multiple law enforcement agencies on a wild pursuit that ended with the naked suspect exiting the stolen vehicle and being tackled to the ground by an officer.

The pursuit was originally from Thursday, March 25th around 4:14 PM but we just obtained the footage…

As you can see in the video, the stolen pick up truck and attached trailer went on a crazy ride as objects fell off the back of the trailer and careened across the highway. Fortunately none of the objects took out any of the police vehicles in the process.

Apparently the woman had been arrested 3 times recently according to one of the officers in the video. She was taken into custody and taken to the Johnson County Detention Center. She is being charged with felony fleeing, reckless driving, refusal to submit to arrest along with theft of the truck and trailer.