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(VIDEOS) Virginia Parents Fighting Back Over ‘D*ck Sucking’ Book, Critical Race Theory Indoctrination

Loudoun County, VA – The school board of the county has lost their ever loving minds in my opinion. Check out these videos below and see if you can come to any other conclusion. BIG Kudos to these parents for standing up for the well being of their children and the children in their communities. We as Freedom loving Americans and patriots need more of this before our entire way of life is destroyed by these deranged lunatics.

This first video has three clips from a recent Loudon County School Board meeting. A few parents read some of  lines from’ approved’ books being given to their children as assigned reading

MOM READING FROM BOOK: “Jasper wasn’t even my boyfriend. Just some dude I did some hacking with once in a while. He was pretty basic library-systems, low security s—. Not in my league at all but he had a big d— and sometimes a girl just needs a big d—.”

ANOTHER MOM READING FROM BOOK:  “Me and Monday…. we did something. He took a deep breath.She sucked my d*ck. I didn’t really want it to happen. it just kinda did”

Then there’s this Black lady who destroyed their Critical Race Theory…

WATCH Black Mother NUKE Critical Race Theory In Front Of School Board [1]

…and we also have this: Parents fed up with critical race theory are trying to oust school board members. Some parents launched a fiery new ad campaign, calling our Critical Race Theory in classrooms. Aiming to oust 6 school board members who they say tried to target and silence them.

“I really believe that our school board has lost their way. For this reason and for having the parents who want our kids to go back to school to a hit list. That’s one of the reasons but I also, yea, I don’t want Critical Theory, not just Critical Race Theory but Critical Theory taught in our classrooms. Our schools are not for ideology, our schools are for education. And when you lower education, you lower positive outcomes for everyone. And that is not what we stand for and Loudoun County parents will not stand for lowering education. This a U.S. issue. It’s not just a Virginia issue” – Elicia Brandy, Loudoun County Mother