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In Denver, a ‘task force’ to ‘re-imagine’ policing recommends massive changes in traffic stops. When I hear the word re-imagine, I get ready to hear woke garbage, and I was right.

This so-called ‘task-force’ came up with 112 recommendations for ways Denver can improve public safety.  It seems the task force believes limiting police interactions with the public is the key. Because most interactions come on traffic stops, they came up with five ideas how they should be conducted.

  • Decriminalize traffic offenses often used for pretextual stops.
  • Prohibit Denver Police from conducting searches in relation to petty offenses or traffic violations.
  • Remove police officers from routine traffic stops and crash reporting and explore non-police alternatives that incentivize behavior change to eliminate traffic fatalities.
  • Eliminate the need for traffic enforcement by auditing and investing in the built environment to promote safe travel behavior.
    Invest in a community-based, community-led violence prevention strategic plan that includes, but is not limited to, traffic stop violence and government sanctioned violence.
  • Moreover, the group recommended using civilians for enforcing traffic laws

What is a pretext traffic stop? A pretextual traffic stop involves a police officer stopping a driver for a traffic violation, minor or otherwise, to allow the officer to then investigate a separate and unrelated, suspected criminal offense.

Let me be very clear: This is how police officers keep people safe. The pretext stop is the heart and sole of law enforcement. Without it, cops are just responding to calls that have already occurred to pick up the pieces.

You can thank pretext stops for arrests like Timothy McVeigh and Ted Bundy.

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How about drunk driving arrests?  The Federal Bureau of Investigation estimates 1,024,508 drivers were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics in 2019.

Traffic stops allow police officers to find criminals and arrest them for guns, drugs, warrants, under the influence, etc. and stop them BEFORE they hurt someone. Not after.

The left wants to defund the police. They want to ban traffic stops.  They support woke DAs that fail to prosecute criminals.

What do you think the result is of this re-imagining traffic stops will be? Chaos and high crime.

We don’t have a policing problem, we have a violence problem, and the only ones out there dealing with it are the police.

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