Chicago, IL – On Wednesday a police watchdog agency released videos of an incident that occurred last month where a suspect shot at police at point blank range and officers returned fire

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The incident occurred on May 16 around 7 AM when Chicago Police officers responded to a Shot Spotter alert in the 1400 block of South Lawndale Avenue. When police arrived they spotted the suspect, Brian Lua and they followed him for several blocks as they shouted at him to stop. Lua refused to listen to the commands.

Two officers then get out of their vehicle when Lua approaches them in an alley. Officers tell Lua to stop and one can be heard yelling, “Show me your hands!” As the officer draws his gun he is screaming, “Get your hands out of your pocket,” and “Dude, stop … get your hands up.”

Lua continues to walk and then appears to pull a gun out of his hoodie pocket and shoots an officer at point blank range. Multiple officers then return fire and Lua is hit. At that point Lua drops the gun.

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Two officers were hit during the incident. One officer sustained a gunshot wound to the hand and another officer sustained gunshot wounds to the hip and shoulder. Both officers were treated and released.

Prior to the incident Lua was awaiting trial for a pending misdemeanor assault case. Two days after the incident he was held on $10 million bail and is being charged with attempted murder, aggravated battery, and unlawful use of a weapon charge in relation to his exchange of gunfire with law enforcement.