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BODYCAMS: Stolen Vehicle Suspect Points Gun At Officers, Gets Fatally Shot in Louisville

Louisville, KY – The Louisville Metro Police Department released bodycam footage of an officer involved shooting that occurred following a stolen vehicle investigation.

On May 30 around 9:40 AM, LMPD officers were trying to apprehend two suspects who had fled from a suspected stolen vehicle. Ryan Bernal was located by police in the 3600 block of Georgetown Place. When officers located Bernal he pulled out a gun and pointed it at his neck and face while backing away from officers. Bernal refused to listen to officers commands to drop the weapon. Officers pursued Bernal with their weapons raised.

Bernal then pointed his weapon at officers. Officer Brenton Woodford is walking toward Bernal for about 30 seconds in the video shouting, “drop it” before he fires 6-7 rounds at Bernal. The bodycam footage then shows Bernal falling to the ground. Officer Woodford proceeds to approach Bernal and states, “still has the gun in his hand.” Officers then handcuff Bernal and back away as they call for medical help.

A second bodycam from Officer Chase Barrett shows the officer firing his weapon but does not show the moment where Bernal was shot.

Bernal passed away as a result of his injuries

“The investigation remains ongoing and is being handled by KSP’s Critical Incident Response Team. In accordance with the Standard Operating Procedure, KSP will not be releasing any further details while the investigation remains open. Timelines to complete investigations vary based on the complexity of the case.” – news release from State Police

Officer Woodford’s personnel file shows that he has no disciplinary record and has received numerous commendations for his service over the years. Officer Barret has only been LMPD since February.